TVU: On the evening of March 21, 2023, the School of Foreign Languages hosted a poetry workshop led by the Fulbright English teacher, Ms. Lau Jade Isabell. The event attracted a lot of English-majored students who were eager to practice their language skills while learning to create basic poems.

Ms. Lau Jade Isabell shared her knowledge and skills, inspiring the students to unleash their creativity and express their thoughts through poetry. The participants enjoyed the interactive and helpful approach of the workshop, which provided a supportive environment for them to develop their English language skills and express themselves artistically.

Overall, the event was an excellent example of the collaborative activities and international cooperation that the School of Foreign Languages is committed to promoting. It provided a unique and engaging experience for the students, demonstrating the value of learning and practicing English in a creative and exciting way.

By: Ngoc-Tai Huynh

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