Valentine’s Day was celebrated on 14th February, 2023 at Tra Vinh University (TVU) with nearly 30 students of Foreign Languages School. It was able to offer these experiences to students of TVU, many of whom have never celebrated the holiday before.

Picture: Ms. Jade and students at the workshop

On Valentine’s Day, the volunteer from Fulbright, Ms. Jade Isabella hosted a Love Language workshop. Fulbright specialist Dr. Lynda Boyer joined in the celebration!

In the workshop, Ms. Jade introduced vocabulary and idioms related to love, affection, and appreciation. Students applied what they learned by writing a love letter, and playing spin the bottle.

It was an opportunity for students of Foreign Language School explored the history of Valentine’s Day, and unique celebrations of it around the world. Then, the participants discussed traditions in the U.S. and Vietnam.

Both students and Ms. Jade wrapped up the workshop by listening to classic love songs and testing our listening through a fill in the blank lyric handout. Students showed their love for Taylor Swift by singing along. It was a great time for TVU students.

By: Ngan Nguyen.

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