On the evening of April 13, 2023, the School of Foreign Languages at TVU hosted an English Speaking Club event for its English majors. The event was organized to provide students with an opportunity to practice their English speaking skills and boost their confidence.

The event featured a “Mysteries of Life” theme and included several games such as Mystery Box, Mystery Story, and Life Riddles. These games were designed to help students improve their English speaking skills while also providing them with an enjoyable and engaging experience.

The Mystery Box game involved students guessing the objects of a box based on clues provided by their peers. The Mystery Story game required students to work together to create a story that included a mystery element. The Life Riddles game challenged students to solve riddles related to the mysteries of life.

The event was a great success, with students actively participating in all the games and having fun while improving their English speaking skills. The organizers of the event hope to continue hosting similar events in the future to provide TVU students with more opportunities to practice their English skills and boost their confidence.

Translator: Thay Huynh Ngoc Tai;

Photos: Le Ngoc Nhu Y (DA19NNAB)

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